A minor arc

The last thing I released was my 7 track mini album, A minor arc in November 2020. I’d become attracted to the idea of writing a collection of linked songs. Something reflective that took stock of where I’m at just now, how I got here, where I’m going and how it all fits together. It’s hardly a new idea. Arguably it’s what I’ve been doing all along.

I’d already written Seacliff Beach and knew that this provided a kind of conclusion, or answer, or arrival for any number of musings that other songs might contain. I wrote a song that gave me the zoomed-out perspective for this collection of songs and the title for the album: The Surge and the Fall. But I eventually ditched that song. I worked with some ideas that were half-formed and raised others from scratch. Caroline didn’t appear until I was well into the recording process. I’d written an opener that functioned as a prelude to all the other songs to come but ditched that after coming to the painful conclusion that my voice was not actually capable of singing it. The Trees of London stepped up to become the opener, representing the linearity that transforms during the course of the album into circularity.

If life is indeed a circular construct rather than a linear one then this collection represents a small section of that circle – a minor arc. Each song is a lesser section still and life itself is a minor arc of the great wheeling gyrations of the universe.

What I ended up with looked different from what I’d originally imagined but isn’t this always the way? The journey determines the destination. Not the other way about.

You can find A minor arc on all the usual streaming services or get it from my Bandcamp site.

A minor arc by Richard Buchanan

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